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The Crisis Papers Outreach


Drs. Bernard Weiner and Ernest Partridge, Co-Editors of The Crisis Papers,
are available for public-speaking appearances.


Both editors are former university professors with years of experience as teachers and as speakers before professional, citizen and activist audiences.  Now, after three years as editors of this widely-visited website, we would like to apply these skills to bring the message of a humane and progressive politics to interested citizen groups.  Fees from these appearances will be applied to the general operating fund of The Crisis Papers.


Send inquiries to: .


Bernard Weiner's Suggested Topics:

The Non-Stop Disaster That Is Bush&.Co. Foreign Policy
How We Got Into This Imperial Mess: A PNAC Primer
The Easy Slide Into Fascism: Germany Then, America Now
Bush Scandals & the March Toward Impeachment
Artists As Our "Canaries" -- The Dark Caves of Bush Policy
How to Stop the Bush&Co. Juggernaut
Fixing America's Corrupted Voting System


Ernest Partridge's Suggested Topics:

Election Fraud and the Death of Democracy
What is a Progressive?
Language as a Political Weapon.
A Moral Philosophy for Progressives.
Five Dogmas of The Regressive Right.
The Master Morality


COSTS:  $500 - $1,000, depending on the size of the audience, plus travel and lodging.
                These fees to be applied to the operating costs of The Crisis Papers


Crisis Papers editors, Partridge & Weiner, are available for public speaking appearances